Sunday, April 17, 2011

Interview: Hysteria

Cranking the BPM, I present Hysteria. He is a member of the Psytrance family, and originates from the Dirty South. He knows how to party and how to entertain, dropping slick beats to get you stomping up a storm on the floor...

A.V: How long have you been in the game?
I’ve been making music for 4 years and have been in the Psytrance scene for 6 and a half good years!

A.V: Trance is quite an esoteric genre, how & why did you get into it?
It is indeed. To be honest I got into it because a group of buddies got hooked on the mind blowing nature of the music and the scene by taking me to my 1st party - a New Year’s Vortex (which is one of the most well known parties around). I experienced the most incredible time and instantly fell in love with the genre after the 1st night and have been going to parties ever since.

A.V: Who or what influences your music style?
Well, they're comprised of my past experiences at parties; my views on the world is a big one as you’ll hear in some of my tracks, a lot of my favourite artists got me into Psytrance like Tryambaka for example as well as influences of nature, the human mind and parties themselves.

A.V: Signed to any label?
Yes I am currently signed to Psybliminal Records South Africa which is run by good friends of mine, Defiler and Bionik, and am currently looking for a co-signing with an international label.

A.V: Describe your style of trance in 5 words?
Melodic, Full-on, Thought-provoking, Psychedelic, Euphoric.

A.V: If you had to organize an outdoor which top 5 D.Js would you choose to join you behind the decks?
This one’s easy, haha! I could choose 100, but Tryambaka, Dirty Motion, Tension, Orca & Glitch.

A.V: Any side projects you are working on?
I recently started producing a dubstep project with a psychedelic twist (Psystep) called Assasin as a side project, but will always stick to Psytrance as my main genre because of my love for it.

A.V: How can people stay up-to-date with your gigs?
I have a facebook page where I post all of my gigs and let people know where and when they are. Feel free to take a look! I have a lot of tracks up there for listening. 

A.V: Indoor Vs. Outdoor Trance?
Okay this is a touchy one. Indoors are awesome and share a similar vibe to outdoors in terms of the amazing tunes but for obvious reasons Outdoors trump Indoors. There is nothing better than being outdoors in nature with a big group of friends and happy hearted people, good vibes all around, a lake or river, mountain, forest or whatever it may be. Not to mention the massive sound rigs that psy parties are hosting nowadays. Rigs that are bigger than a bus, with the wind, sun or rain doing its thing and all of the trance lovers stomping to the mind boggling beats .That’s what I’m talking about! That, for me, is the ultimate experience; nothing comes close to it! 

A.V: Biggest Outdoor you’ve played at?
Hmm... I haven’t had the chance yet to play at a very big outdoor yet - which is my dream. I was lucky enough to play at MMD Records’ Tryambaka and Orca party last year where I had my album launch. That was probably the biggest party. I have played for bigger crowds at outdoors like Rebirth and a few other local parties
A.V: Have you released any tracks?
Yes I have. I’ve released a track on the VA, named “Residual Twilight”, compiled by my friend Chemogen and released by 1ft Groove. The track is called “Trance Formerz”. And quite recently, I released my free, online EP entitled “Cerebral Tales”, which is doing astonishingly well around the globe. Here's a link for you guys to download it for free. Hope you enjoy it!

A.V: Now that you’ve slain the dragon, who are you sharing your cookies with?
Hahaha, I have slain the dragon! But there are still many dragons out there for me to slay, and I hope that my life takes me to all of them. The cookies will be shared with all of my fans...

A.V: Any last words?
I would also like to say a massive thanks to all of my friends, family and fans for supporting me through all my gigs and releases. You know who you are and I love you guys!

Click the link to be assaulted with some banging, melodically "tweaky" tunes from Hysteria. You wont be disappointed. the track  is available for download, enjoy!