Tuesday, February 22, 2011


121 Castle, Mezzanine, Half-life, Mr. Bong, Six six one… It all comes down to this:

With the mnemonic of the first I LOVE BASS still reverberating in my skull, to say I was more than a little amped to have my ears assaulted by some of the filthiest & down right dirty dub and breaks, would be an understatement.

The plush 121 Castle provided us with some luscious drinks specials including cocktails for R20 only - yup you read right R20!!! It was apparent from the first few Long Island Ice Teas that we were in for a crazy night and thanks to Leigh McClean from Western Exposure every moment was caught on camera. The pics are pretty much all over Facebook at the moment, but if you haven’t seen them, check them out @ Western Exposure.

Half- Life
First up on the decks was Half-Life, who, for someone who only entered the dub scene in early 2010, seems to promise a filthy future ahead of him in the dub arena. Things kicked off in a big way; the wobbly banging bass was cranked up to 11, setting the stage for the rest of the evening’s mischief and mayhem...


Next up, much to the growing crowd's delight, was Mezzanine. After the first instalment, having had the crowd eating the bass out of his hands, Mezzanine was sure to provide us bass-heads with our fix [in large doses], and disappoint he did not. With a tight crowd-interactive set, bodies were skanking and breaking it down in unison to the infectious bass thrown down from the pulpit.

Mr Bong
On Steps Mr. Bong had previously induced “goose-bumps” with his set at I LOVE BASS, Round 1. I, for one, couldn’t wait for the mayhem caused by his broken beat breaks this time round. Sufficed to say, the crowd reached its bass high with hits from the bong. The vicious breaks kept everyone on their feet and grooving to the tunes!

Unfortunately, Six Six One’s set had to be cut short. All I can say is, you have no idea what was missed. If you were one of the bass-heads who attended the first instalment and saw Enough Weapons' set, you'd have loved to witnessed the banging brilliance that would have been thrown your way a 2nd time...

I LOVE BASS parties are going from strength to strength and I’m hoping you’ll give the next one a look. From the pristine venue of 121 Castle, to the absolutely filthy bass, professional photographs, and crazy drinks specials, what more could you ask for?

'Til next time my dubsteppers...


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