Wednesday, March 23, 2011

KidChameleon- Algospasm EP

On a Break Records presents it's latest signing: KidChameleon who will be launching the début EP - Algospasm.

Having had the pleasure of listening to the EP, which is loaded with 4 tracks that range from banging dance floor fillers to hauntingly captivating sound experiences, crazy big build ups followed by dirty drops, it is a definite awing aural experience.

Track 1: Red Light Queen, sets the tone for the E.P with an "Old Skool" feel of haunting tweaks and turns and a banging bassline.

Track 2: Gotta Be Vintage, follows up with the eerie feel but adds a funky groove to it, getting you in the dance floor mood.

Track 3: Empty Your Mind, is my favourite track off the E.P as it just seems to tie all the tracks together in a filthy package, and is slightly toned down, carrying the vibe.

Track 4: Battle of The Planets, is without a doubt the dance floor banger of the E.P with a tight bassline and HUGE banging drops, rounding the album off and leaving you craving more!

With the release date set for the 28th of March I highly recommend getting your hands on it.

KidChameleon cites his influences for this EP as ranging from "sci-fi, kung fu, prostitues, old skool jungle and (even more) prostitues"

On a whole I think the EP packs enough punch for you to press repeat and assault your ears with wave after wave of Old Skool banging beats.


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