Wednesday, March 23, 2011

KidChameleon- Algospasm EP

On a Break Records presents it's latest signing: KidChameleon who will be launching the début EP - Algospasm.

Having had the pleasure of listening to the EP, which is loaded with 4 tracks that range from banging dance floor fillers to hauntingly captivating sound experiences, crazy big build ups followed by dirty drops, it is a definite awing aural experience.

Track 1: Red Light Queen, sets the tone for the E.P with an "Old Skool" feel of haunting tweaks and turns and a banging bassline.

Track 2: Gotta Be Vintage, follows up with the eerie feel but adds a funky groove to it, getting you in the dance floor mood.

Track 3: Empty Your Mind, is my favourite track off the E.P as it just seems to tie all the tracks together in a filthy package, and is slightly toned down, carrying the vibe.

Track 4: Battle of The Planets, is without a doubt the dance floor banger of the E.P with a tight bassline and HUGE banging drops, rounding the album off and leaving you craving more!

With the release date set for the 28th of March I highly recommend getting your hands on it.

KidChameleon cites his influences for this EP as ranging from "sci-fi, kung fu, prostitues, old skool jungle and (even more) prostitues"

On a whole I think the EP packs enough punch for you to press repeat and assault your ears with wave after wave of Old Skool banging beats.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


DUB NATION is bringing you the perfect way to wrap up a hectic week with some dance floor pounding bass, With  SECRET SUNDAY, hosted at Tequila Town 

Line up:


Crazy drinks specials to keep all you dance floor animals, begging for more!

Wic'dwear is running a comp to win a banging T-Shirt and Trucker Cap so tag them as well as the DUB NATION event in your Facebook status and stand a chance to win some awesome merch!

Auditory Vision will be there so stay tuned for the follow up "review"

Catch you Skanka's on the floor.


Monday, March 7, 2011

INTERVIEW: Enough Weapons

After blowing me away at the first I LOVE BASS party at 121, I managed to steal a few minutes of Dave's time from the duo Enough Weapons.

A.V: Who or what made you get involved in the music scene?

E.W: For both of us music has always been a part of our lives - we’ve been involved in music in one way or another, either playing in a band or Dj’ing. Producing our own style of music was the inevitable step forward for us.

A.V: What made you choose your stage name/alias and what is the meaning behind it?

E.W: The name Enough Weapons came about while we were standing on a dance floor at an outdoor festival - watching a big-name international breaks artist. He was playing some really dark music that the crowd weren’t really getting into. A friend leaned over and said “he’s going to lose this floor if he carries on like this” and literally 30 seconds later the DJ dropped a massive track that got the entire floor jumping. The friend leaned over again and said “guess he has enough weapons!” That stuck with us and when we formed the act a couple months later it seemed appropriate.

A.V: Name one party destination you’d “kill” to play at?

E.W: Coachella in the US looks like one crazy party we would love to be part of!

A.V: Do you want to influence in helping up-and-coming artists get their names out?

E.W: Definitely! Working with up-and coming artists is something we are always interested in doing. We do that through our label, On a Break Records which we started with this idea in mind. Predominantly locally based artists release on our label and we’ve come across some great talent. We’ve also been able to collaborate with really interesting producers and hope to continue along this road.

A.V: Any suggestions for people wanting to start out in the music industry?

E.W: The best advice we can offer to people starting out is to speak to as many established artists as they can. Listen to their advice on what to do and more importantly what not to do. The music industry can chew you up if you take the wrong angles.

A.V: Define you style of play in 5 words?

E.W: High energy impact dance music!

A.V: Is there any 1 stand out show that you’ve done that’s blown your mind?

E.W: The one that stands out most in recently memory is the 2010/2011 Rezonance New Years Festival. We were fortunate enough to play after General Midi on New Years eve which was an amazing experience for us.

A.V: What do you think party organisers could do to get more people on the dub/ breaks floor at big outdoor events such as Rezonance?

E.W: Breaks in particular is a hard genre to crack in SA, but we are really happy that the big festivals and major club promoters have been giving artists like us an opportunity to play. If they continue to play the artists, awareness will grow - so mad respect to them! More festivals, like Ramfest are also making an effort to showcase local dance producers and djs.

A.V: Any local or international artists that you would like to collaborate with?

E.W: Locally we have worked with a few talented producers which was great. Internationally we be very keen  to work with artists like Far Too Loud and Neurodriver.

A.V: Any side projects in the wings?

Except for On a Break we’re just focussing on producing for EW right now.

A.V: How can people get in touch with you and keep up to date on your shows?

E.W: We list all our gigs on our Facebook page and IXA handles our bookings and queries. You can check out our website for more info, pics and tracks

A.V: Finally: Now that you’ve slain the dragon, who are you sharing your cookies with?

E.W: The music lovers that come and jam at our shows.

Would like to send mad thanks to Enough Weapons for taking the time out of their busy schedules! Look forward to the next show, if you peeps havent experienced the pure dance floor mayhem caused by Enough Weapons where have you been??