Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Melodik - Need EP

On a BREAK records release yet another slamming E.P. with Melodik - Need, and trust me you NEED to get your hands on it, as it takes you on a 5 track almost psychadublic ride though the darker side of dubstep.

Track 1: Need: Takes you on a journey of soulful deep grooves with sultry backing vocal and eerie tweaks and hypnotic bass line.

Track 2: Symbiosis: Easy listening with a tight bass line that keeps you moving and evolving throughout the track.

Track 3: Rapture: With a strong eastern influence I find this to be the easiest track off the E.P. slow steady bass, Meditative, intricate, takes you to a deeper level in your mind.

Track 4: Heat: Melodik at his best with this deep dark track, my favorite track off this haunting E.P.

Track 5: Dark Matter: Grinding out a dark "melodik" track with trippy lyrics and a soul vibing bassline wrapping up the E.P. perfectly.

If you like your dubstep dark almost moody what the hell are you waiting for get your hands on this "yesterday" its on a whole new level.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Callan Maart - Soulfire EP

On a BREAK records presents their release for June: Callan Maart - Soulfire. This 6 track E.P is jam packed with filthy bass, haunting lyrics, dance floor pounders and as the title implies - fire for your soul. Callan is one of Cape Towns more exciting producers and I can highly recommend getting your hands on this E.P.
Track 1: Glitch Monkey: Banging, straight off the bat, head nodding bass that holds you and takes you on a banging journey with the monkeys. I can see that this track will be doing it's rounds in the party scene; it's that good!

Track 2: Scheduled Maintenance: Lulls you into a false sense of mellow-ness before assaulting your ears over and over, with deep pounding bass and melodic twists and turns, buckle up - things are about to get messy.

Track 3: Jump off the world: With some jazzy vocals and crazy build ups, the bass in this track hasn't been spared. Jump off the world would go down perfectly as background music over a few cocktails or in the middle of a set to keep you glued to the dance floor.

Track 4: Soulfire: The smooth seductive lyrics and haunting bassline just sums the E.P. up perfectly. My favourite track off the E.P! Enough pound to keep you getting down, with the sexy lyrics throwing your mind into a frenzy!

Track 5: Let It Go: As you experience the melodically beautiful intro of Let it go, you can't help but get sucked into the bass. This track has an almost old school rave meets dark psy-dub feel. This is by far the most mellow track of the E.P.

Track 6: Lick: Hard heavy pounding Drum and Bass - this is the shit your mother warned you about. It still manages to keep the harmonic haunting feel of the E.P but there is only one way this track works and that is loud.

Callan has put together one of the most solid E.Ps out at the moment and I can see any of these tracks filling dance floors.  Get your paws on the magic here.

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